The new home of running in Zug

It is time to run

It is time to run

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We believe everyone is a runner - no matter how fast, how often or how far you run. Zug.Run is made for you. It is a platform for runners by runners. Inspire you to get started and keep you going. 

We beleive everyone is a runner - no matter how fast, how often or how far you run. Zug.Run is made for you. It is a platform for runners by runners. Inspire you to get started and keep you going.


Adventures are all around us, we want to make it easier to discover and experience the trails of Zug. Our mission is to inspire runners and non-runners in all level to go out and explore running trails by building a platform with curated trails and running resources. It's about passing on knowledge and information so others can explore and enjoy nature around us in an active way.

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We’re building the new home of running in Canton Zug

We’re building the new home of running in Zug


Inspire & Connect

The goal of the portal is to make it easy for everyone to access the un-beaten trails and inspire to discover nature in canton Zug.

Taking the un-beaten path often feel daunting yet within them lies the most rewarding experiences. We want to get more and more people into running and discover the nature in the canton. We strive to build and inspire a strong running community in Zug.

Zug.Run is a online running platform & community, shareing inspiration and information about running.

Preview of the Application

Preview of the App

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We’re building Zug.Run as the base for running in Zug, by providing the best guidance and everything you need in one place, for your next run. The portal will list running trails created by local experts with a high level of details and attention with the need of runners covering the whole journey from home to home using public transport if and when needed.

We’re making it easy to plan and navigate safely while out there running. We are bringing together technology and local experts to make running trails more accessible. Including detailed information about the trails, maps specifically designed for the outdoors, imagery, videos, data and recommendations all in one place where you can find and plan jour next running adventure.

Running is free so does Zug.Run and it will be available on desktop, tablet and mobile. Going live on the 21st June 2021

The Team

The Team

We are passionate runners, driven to explore new territory, pushing our selves and eliminating blocks that holds us back. Our goal is to find our limits and push them, while inspiring others to get outside and do it together.

Márton Gyarmati

Márton Gyarmati

The Pioneer, always seeking new trails & challenges.

Hédi Gyarmati

Hédi Gyarmati

The Powerhouse -  either find a way or make one.

Daniel Schärer

Daniel Schärer

The Networker - the slowest runner of all but steady

Our Mission

What drives us is a belief that running is a natural and tribal form of movement and a profound source of pleasure and joy. Running allows to break from our urban lives and not only help to improve our mental & physical health but also contribute to our overall happiness.

By enabling more people to experience the wonders of being connected with nature, we hope to build greater respect for it and in turn protect it. We believe this is not just a way to enjoy life, but also helps our relationships, support the local economy and the community.

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Details & Milestones

The portal will be a Responsive Web Application catering for all devices including: Tablet and Mobile devices. The content will be available both in English and German.

The first phase will include 20 trails, covering the whole canton. Users will be able to find the right trail by filtering: type of trail, loop or one way, Lenght & difficulty. We will cater primarily for beginners and intermediate runners and adopt the trails for this segment. Most Trails will include a short version making it accessible for everyone with varrious abilities. There will be a Blog, including resources and articles. Expert advice and guides on training, nutrition, gears and how to’s with local experts. 


Number of trails for phase One : 20

Go live date: 21st June 2021

Format: Responsive Web Application

Run with us...

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We are looking for contributors and partners, get in touch with us.

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