What is Trail Running?

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Trail running can basically be any kind of running on uneven terrain in nature. This original form of human movement requires not only endurance but also strength and concentration. It doesn't always have to be in a high alpine environment with a glacier crossing. A few laps in the park, in the forest or hiking paths, are definitely part of trail running.

A matter of attitude

Trail running has now established itself as a philosophy of life. It's about being aware of nature and one's own body and mind while moving. Running in the great outdoors has a calming effect and often serves as a counterbalance to the often performance-oriented and hectic everyday life. Anyone who consciously moves in the great outdoors becomes aware of its importance and vulnerability. Accordingly, the trail running scene is sometimes actively committed to climate protection and a sustainable lifestyle.

Elite sport

Of course, there is also trail running as a competitive sport. With increasing interest, associations are formed around the world and specific disciplines emerge. In the meantime, it is precisely defined what a trail running competition is and what is not. For example, the ITRA (International Trail Running Association) and ASTA (Austrian Sky & Trail Running Association) have defined specific requirements for events.

With the professionalization of sport, attention and regulation increase. Various associations are promoting the development of trail running around the world and thus also make an important contribution to safety, ethics and environmental protection.