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Chasing Dreams

Original content, exclusive images in the race and behind the scenes, breathtaking landscapes and the fight in front of the camera, here is the promise of "Chasing Dreams" the new TV series produced by the Golden Trail Series whose first episode released on Golden Trail TV on December 16th 2021. 

One race, Seven episodes

“After four years of existence, we decided to produce a TV series of 7 episodes to highlight all the players in the Golden Trail World Series ”, explains Grégory Vollet, director of the Golden Trail Series, An exceptional opportunity to get into the privacy of runners, to know their dreams, their fears, their joy … "How do they deal with the pressure? Rivalries? The wounds ? How do brands fight for the best visibility? The series answers many of these questions, ”continues Grégory Vollet.

A new way

The development and inspiration of trail running have accelerated thanks to digital since its inception. Since the 2010s, social networks have been very active in highlighting the sports performance of athletes like Kilian Jornet, who has inspired a whole generation of athletes. Then, it was the implementation of the first LIVE on social networks in 2017 on the Marathon du Mont Blanc and Sierre-Zinal. With this first TV series dedicated to trail running a new step has just been taken this year.

Not just a row

Beyond the sporting performance, “Chasing Dreams” makes it possible to discover the personalities of high-level athletes, it is an invitation to go behind the scenes of the Golden Trail Series, in order to reveal in part to the viewers what the competition consists of athlete life of the high-level trail. 

This series takes the time to decipher the athletes who are not just one row on a finish line

Grégory Vollet

Some are mothers and juggle their personal lives and the life of a high-level athlete; others are young hopefuls and dream of making a living from their sport, while some are trying everything for the whole while leaving their profession to embark on the sport. 100% sporting adventure.

One episode one athletes

To celebrate the launch of “Chasing Dreams”, each evening, during the broadcast of the episode, it will be possible to come and chat with athletes invited by the Golden Trail Series, directly on the video discussion thread. To do this, register directly on 

The world of trail running is competitive and wild, but it's so much more than that. Immerse yourself in a full season of the Golden Trail World Series and discover the history behind the best teams, the best athletes and the best races in the world.

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Ep. 1: A new season

With the start of the GTWS 2021 season in Olla de Núria, Spain, the best athletes in the world stand ready to show that they have not been idle during their long preparation. Enter and experience the world's most famous trail running circuit with a bitter battle between athletes and brands. Being the fastest is all that matters now!

Ep. 2: The rookies

Follow the rookies of the 2021 season: Iris Pessey, Ana Cufer and Bailey Kowalczyk as they transition to the world's elite. Lots of things to learn, fears to overcome, it won't be easy to play at the highest level against the best trail runners on the planet. It works or it breaks for these three rookies.

Ep.3: I resign

Polish rider Bart Przedwojewski and Norwegian Stian Angermund both left their jobs at the start of the season to become full-time professional riders. But will the results follow? Guidance specialist Frédéric Tranchand, who joined the series in mid-season, will try to grab the top spots coveted by Bart and Stian. 

Ep. 4: The invincible moms 

After winning the GTWS 2019 as a rookie, orienteering specialist Judith Wyder is back after her pregnancy. Take a behind-the-scenes look at this comeback and see how she attempted to overcome one of the biggest challenges of her career, as she faces off against seasoned athletes as well as the next generation.

Ep. 5: Italian GOATs

Rivals all year round, in ski mountaineering in winter, in trail running in summer, Italians Nadir Maguet and Davide Magnini have spent their entire childhood competing against each other. Immerse yourself in their daily lives and find out how they cope with the pressure to perform at their best to become the best Italian in the Golden Trail Series.

Ep.6: The last qualified

The GTWS is coming to an end. The last qualifying stage of the season is held in France, in the Basque Country. The riders at the bottom of the standings must give all they have to try to reach the top 11, which means qualifying for the final. Who will qualify and who will be eliminated? 

Ep.7: The final

After 6 tough stages across Europe, the GTWS has set down in the Canaries for the last event of the season. Watch the top 11 men and women compete in a brand new race on the island of El Hierro. Fasten your seat belt, the last show of the year begins!